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I have a gorgeous friend, her name is Katja! We are the perfect match. A match made in heaven. We met and within 30 days became like sisters. Lord and behold when I found out that this woman does not use makeup. Let me say it again, this wonderful sister-from-another-mister to me does not use makeup. I died, gasped for air and died again! It almost provoked me. How can someone be sp uniterested in something so wonderful!?

But on the other hand I find it utterly refreshing with a woman secure with her looks, a woman that sees beauty when she looks in the mirror no matter what time of the day. It’s quite inspiring. Because I do find it so sad when women feel like they have to ”put on their face”. The kind of insecurity that forces woman to spend hours in the bathroom just to have the curage to go to the grocerystore.

Makeup should be fun, it should never ever be the armour in which you hide.

But back to Katja. She has gotten a small interest. Well compared to me her interest is like non-existence. But when she said ”Frida, help me pick out a lipstick” I took on the challenge. We went to a bick departmentstore in our city and swatched almost all red lipsticks in there. Loréal to YSL, Mac to Maybelline and then we finally found ourselves at the Bobbi Brown counter. And there is was. The perfect, most chic lipstick in this perfect classic womanly red colour. She bought it and we went out to eat and hopefully she will never look back.

(And hopefully this was only the first of a bizillion makeup items she will purchase because oh, what fun it was to teach, swatch, learn och feel all professional about it)

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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Cuntless Lux
11 år sedan

I could live without mascara, but foundation! that's my go to thing! I'm so glad you are following me! sisterhood yej!!


Athena Ben.
11 år sedan

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me a comment!
You should be at least relieved she needed a lipstick! I couldn't live without a mascara myself though!!
You have a new follower over here! 🙂

xx, A!

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