My favourite bloggers at the moment

In the bloggosphere it is of the utmost importance to link and comments your fellow bloggers. The blogworld depends on these things. I get sooo much inspiration from bloggers and why not show them some love?
Here are my favourite bloggers at the moment!

 British Beauty Blogger, or BBB, is a great blogger. She writes honest, witty and gives criticism when criticism is welldeserved. I love a girl willing to speak her mind and since BBB is truthful and can sting like a bee I trust her opinions so much. It’s more often than rare that I do agree with her and I find that she is really ambitious in blogging often and frequently.

This canadian girl, based in England, is charming and oh so gorgeous! I love her videos on Youtube, aswell as her blog. She has great taste and all her makeup looks are neutral but impeccabel. She really has inspired me to go all nude, polished and low-key on my eyes!

This is a real professional blog with great collages, pictures and interviews. This blog let’s us deadly see the bathroomcabinet of the rich and the famous. And oh, don’t we love to snoop around there!?

Two danish girls, based in NY (i think, it’s a little unclear at the moment). They blog in danish which is no problem for a Swede. They are great, beautiful and blogs about news, budgetmakeup and shows great makeup looks. My only critique is that they blog to seldom! Post often ladies! Don’t keep me hanging!

This is my latest blogobsession. She is D-I-V-I-N-E! I love that she uses the most minimal makeup but still inspires tremendously. She makes great youtube videos which are a must see if you’re into makeup. You find Vivianna’s blog here and youtube channel here!

Which are your favourite beautyblogs?

By the way, do you think I should blog both in english and swedish?

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