VICHY Pureté thermale soft & soothing toner – review

After completley ditching hard and strong faceproducts aimed at acneprone skin, and instead turning towards porducts for sensitive skin, my skin has improved drastically.
Today I have one zit but that’s it. I still have acnescaring but the skin itself is so calm. I don’t use toner as regularly as other faceproducts but I was trying out a rubbish cleanser which made me feel the need to ad a toner to my regime.
This toner is from the wonderful brand Vichy, which is sold in the swedish pharmacy. This is a paraben free toner for dry and sensitive skin. It contains thermal spa water from Vichy and is dermatologically tested. Another real important thing to be aware of if you have acneprone skin is to never use products containing alcohol. Which this god send products ofcourse does not.
Grade: 5/5 (we’re talking holy grail product)

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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