Avéne soothing moisture mask – review

When talking about skincare I realized I haven’t reviewed this gem for you guys. This is moisture mask from the french skincare brand Avéne. This brand is also to be found in the Swedish pharmacy. 
This is a holy grale products for me. I always have to have one in my bathroom or else all hell break loose. 
On to the product.
This is a mask for sensitive, dry and irritated skin. It contains Avéne thermal spring water and has a hydrating, soothing and calming effect on the skin. My boyfriend has some skinproblems and when he feels stressed out he gets dry patches on his face. When slapping some of this on all the dryness goes away. This mask restores the skins balance leaving it silky smooth. This mask should be applied generously in a thick layer for about 15 minutes. Rising is not needed, you could simply just tissue off any excess. Should you be very dry, for example in the wintesmonths or after sunbathing to heavily, you could also use a slightly tinner layer all over your face and use it a over-night mask.

All in all, this is a holy grail product. It’s divine, wonderful and something i recommend to everyone.

And the price is fantastic!!!!
219 kr/ 50 ml

Grade: 5/5 (how did I ever survive before this baby!?)

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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11 år sedan

LOVE this. Completely saved my skin after it turned into a bruised, irritated, dry mess on a ski trip. My best beauty buy for years, and it feels like an investment in my skin.


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