Thing I’m loving right now

This is the one nailoil one would ever need – Scratch nail food. I’ve never tried anything like it. Regular use really strenghtens my nails. I have the worst nails ever and I have tried everything to make them stronger. Nothing really worked. The nails kept on chipping and breaking until this little gem made it to my bathroom.
Now I have it on my desk at my office and whenever I have a real long phoneconversation I can put a little drop on each nail and massaging it in. Thus, my nails look great at the same time as something important got discussed over the phone.

You can buy it at Åhléns, scratch nails shop aswell as different beauty- and nailsalongs.
It’s pricy, 180 SEK for 10 ml, but I have had mine forever! You put a little drop on each nail on one hand and then rup the nails together with the other hand. This tiny drop is enough for all ten nails!

Scratch nail food contains cold pressed sesame seed, myrrh and lavender and the smell is fresh and absolutely divine. And did I mention it works great with nailpolish aswell!

I just love this one. I’m would say I’m addicted!

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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