Waiting for Boots

My sister is in Oxford, England, for a couple of weeks and since we don’t have Boots in Sweden I gave her my wishlist. Then the other day my phone buzzt and I received a MMS from my sistah. She had visited Boots and bought some things from my wishlist. The photo above is her MMS and I’m sooo excited. Today my parents will travel to see her and in a week’s time they will return with my Bootsorder. I just can’t wait!
If my eyes don’t fool me I think that what we have in the picture is nothing less than two Revlon lipbutters in sorbet and watermelon, one Burjois cremeblush and Collection 2000 illuminating touch diffusing concealer.

 Oh, the joy of make-up!

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

Här får du en livstilsblogg med fokus på female empowerment, mode, inredning och feminism. Min blogg ska du läsa om du vill må bra.

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