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Rihanna loves Mac and I love both Rihanna and Mac. And the news that she will collaborate with Mac and launch her makeup line with them is just to great of news. *I have to sit down*.

It was on Twitter that this talented woman announced the news.After reading about this collection on blogs such as Daily Makeover and Temptalia it has come to my understanding that the collection will roll out in four parts over this year. (oh what an exciting year). First up will be a lipstick called Riri Woo. The lipstick will be sold online on her concerts. Expect it to sell out F-A-S-T!

All in all the collection will consist of 31 pieces. The second part will be sold online and it includes two other lipsticks, Lustre drops (yej) and a blush duo. The third part will be in stores for fall and feature lipsticks, lipglassversion of the Riri Woo lipstick, two eyeshadow palettes and some lashes. The fourth and final part will be in store in time for the holidays with nailpolish, makeup bag and more lipsticks.

Now we pray for two thing. One that this will be available in Sweden and two that wearing Riri’s makeup will make some of her starqualityshine glisten also over me! But I guess it’s to miúch to ask to expect it to give my behind the same perfectness as hers. But hey, a girl can dream right!?

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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