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After a thorough inventory I saw I needed to splurge on some much needed items. I bought all these lovely bits from This is, in my opinion, one of the best websites in Sweden when it comes to all things beauty.

This is what I got (from left to right)
Kneipp massageoil that smells of lavender
Lee Stafford arganoil from Marocco Deep nourishing treatment. I had completely run out of a great hairmask and needed something to my hair smooth again. I’m dying to really give this a go!
This works Black spice & cedar candle. Oh, this have been burning in my bedroom every evening since I got it. The smell is like heaven. However, it seems as if the candle burns unevenn unlike for example the ones from Voluspa. 
Real techniques stippling brush. Do I even need to motivate this one!? I love love love the RT brushes, I don’t have a stippling brush and lately I’m totally into creamblushers. Thus a stippling brush was an absolute necessity!

Have you tried any of these produtcs? Or do you have anything else to recommend?

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