Bioderma is on it’s way to the UK

In an old post called ”from Paris with love”, which is in Swedish, I showed you a little present from my mum. It was the long sought after makeup-remover from Bioderma. All the great make-up artists, such as the divine Lisa Eldrigde, rave about this product.

It did not leave me dissapointed but instead left my very satisfied. However, it’s not always you just happen to pop round to Paris. But not Bioderma will be sold also in the UK (yej!) which gives us Swedes one more place to buy this little gem. It’s not that I often pop round to the UK either, but still, my options for finding Bioderma increased.

Bioderma is a great and gentle makeup remover for sensitive skin (raise your hand if I just described you *raising hands*) and would recommend to everyone!

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

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