Bobbi Brown – lilac rose collection

Iiiihhhhh, I die! This ad is the most gorg thing evah! And the makeup is just as gorgeous and “i-must-own-it”-worthy! The whole collection is limited edition so expect it to sell out fast!

From left to right:

nailpolish – This is a limited edition polish in a greypinkish colour. Just that perfect sophisticated nude with a hint of pink that is flattering on everyone. The shade is called “roza”.

Shimmer brick “lilac rose” – I must have this one. This is the real winner for me. Just the look of it makes me feel/hear/smell/taste summer. What will wearing it be like!? This shimmerbrick contains of bright pinks, golden pinks and pinky pearl and is divine! I’m a sucker for pink blush and use pink shades almost every day.

Lip gloss – this collection adds to new glosses in the name of lilac rose and pink lily. The third lipgloss is a brightening lip gloss in the name “pink lilac”. I’m not much of a glossgirl so I’ll pass on these.

Eye palette “lilac rose” – praise Jesus, this makes my fingers tingle! This eight-colour palette is perfect for everyday with its light, nude and dusty pinks, greys and lilac shades. Perfection with the brown shade. (I do see a brown shade right!?)

Blush – perfect pink blush in the name “pastel pink”.

Sparkle eyeshadow – this sparkly doll goes under the name of “lilac”.

The only negative thing I could say is that the creative team must have had a mental breakdown when creating the names. The all have (almost) the same name! That makes me a little confused.

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