A lawsuit and Clinique chubby stick intense

I’m so happy to be back in the blogosphere! Work has been intense! I’m a lawyer and sometimes the cases just becomes to many. All clients have minor, and sometimes major, problems and they all need help (preferably yesterday). I have been running between trials, policehearing, clientmeetings and so forth. I’ve bearly had time to do my nails!?
I had a particularly great day a couple of weeks ago. A long and difficult case finally ended with a lawsuit. And I just had to treat myself. For the longest time the Clinique chubby sticks have intrigued me. However, the sherness of them didn’t do anything for me. Either I have a transparent lipbalm och something with at least a little pop of colour. The normal chubby sticks were just to expensive to be worth a purchase when the colour payoff was next to nothing.
But as we all know Clinique launched the Chubby stick intense and I was beyond excitement. After trying, thinking, waiting, being a little cheap and so on this lawsuit finally gave me the golden oppurtunity. I bought the stick in the colour “heftiest hibiscus” and I tell you OMG I LOVE IT! It’s so chic and effortless. I just slap it on and it gives me that instant lawyer-chicness that I do enjoy so much. And lately I have been completely addicted to the Maybelline colour tatoo in bad to the bronze. The orangetoned red stick complements a golden eye just perfectly. 
However, this particular day I felt extra giving and also bought a cleanser from Lancôme – gel eclat.
Here are all the Chubby Stick Intense, and I love the one I have so much that I want them all!

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