Latest purchase from

I’ve been a good girl when it comes to exercise and keeping up a healthy lifestyle and thus I treated myself to a little “care-package” from

* The Falsies mascara from Maybelline. I just had to have another one.
* Dry schampoo from Marc Anthony, a brand which I have not tried before. And after emptieing tons of Batiste dry schampoos I thought it was time to try another one.
* After lusting forever to try a palette from too faced I settled on their latest eyepalette “budoir eyes”. Oh, it’s so gorgeus, beautiful, useable and classic. I hope to get tons of use from it. When buying this palette you also got a minisample of the Too Faced shadow insurance. That made me happy cause it’s still the best eyeprimer I ever tried.
* A teasing brush from Babyliss. I hope this will help the tease my hair to great volume but with lesser damage on the hair.
* Then I added another brush to my Real techniques collection. This time I bought the pink blush brush, which will be tried on blush, powder and bronzers. As usual it’s real soft and sensitive on the skin.

Every week I set different goals when it comes to exercise and foodchoices. The reward is often something beautyrelated. This way I stay motivated (because there is so much beautystuff out there that I just need to have).

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