Oliva make up remover wipes – review

Oliva make up remover wipes

I got these wipes in a Glossybox and I have never used wipes before. I have really sensitive skin and have deliberately avoided wipes because I feel that they can be quite harsch on the skin.

But when these were given to me tried them. They removed my makeup but all the negative things I was suspecting were proven. They made my skin sting a little and the plastic cover didn’t attache well after a couple of uses which made the wipes dry out. I also felt I had to follow up with my normal cleanser to get that real clean feeling.

No, I will keep my distance to wipes going forward. Tried it once and that’s enough for me.

Price: 45 SEK
Grade: 1/5 (I cherish my skin to much to keep using wipes)

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

Här får du en livstilsblogg med fokus på female empowerment, mode, inredning och feminism. Min blogg ska du läsa om du vill må bra.

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