Glossybox april 2013

After a long wait (and several e-mails later) my Glossybox finally arrived.
This months products were as follows:
* Smile lab – advanced teeth whitening strips
This is great. I only bleach my teeth myself using different kinds of strips and the results are great. Superexcited about these!
499 kr/15 st
* Da vinci cosmetics – mineral eyeshadow
I love the colour but absolutely hate loose pigments. Uncertain if this one will get used more than a couple of times.
169 kr/st
* Trind nail repair
I LOVE THIS! I’m using this every time I paint my nails. When i run out of this little gem I will definetely buy a fullsized bottle. 
129 kr/9 ml
* Body shop – day & night face cream
I’m using other facecreams at the moment so I haven’t tried these out yet. I haven’t tried any faceproducts from the Body shop so I am excited! And vitamin E is a great ingredient in faceproducts. i really find it calms by skin down.
Daycream: 125 kr/50 ml
Nightcream: 175 kr/50 ml
* Jelly pong pong – 2 in 1 eyeliner & shadow
This one is dry, chubby and difficult to manover. I tried it as a liner but it was a little difficult. However, when doing a smokey eye I will def use this one a primer. Smudging it out over the lid before packing on the black shadow.

109 kr/st

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

Här får du en livstilsblogg med fokus på female empowerment, mode, inredning och feminism. Min blogg ska du läsa om du vill må bra.

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