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This is the dropdead gorgeous blogger Nicole Warne, the creator of the blog Gary Pepper.I die for her blog. She mixes vintage, designerpieces and budgetpieces into to the most creative, stylish and fascinating outfits. She has this aura of chicness and sophistication about her. I really feel one should have her as a best friend!

Whenever she wears a piece of clothing from a cheaper brands, such as H&M or ASOS, they always look expensive. No one would even know they were from a budgetstore did she not tell us. I think I have looked trough her blog awkwardly many times. I simply adore her!

Go to her blog and give her a whole lot of loving. Because I do appreciate a blogger liker her so much. We who blog all know the time and effort that is put into every blogpost. What makes her special from other bloggers is that she chooses both the outfit AND the location to shoot the outfit at. This means that every blogpost is like an editorial spread in any highfashion magazine.

Nicole, you are a bloggerhero! Go girl! Go!

Författare: Frida Kummerfeldt

Här får du en livstilsblogg med fokus på female empowerment, mode, inredning och feminism. Min blogg ska du läsa om du vill må bra.

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